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The Little Light House provides early intervention, tuition-free, Christian education and therapeutic services for children with special needs, ages birth to 6 years old.

How YOU can help

"It's like walking around with your heart on the outside and each child gets to leave his or her fingerprint, and in each fingerprint is a glimpse of heaven."

Gretchen McPherson, Volunteer at The Little Lighthouse, Tulsa, OK

Our Mission

To glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families, and communities. 

Why? Because we believe that each child, no matter what the difficulty, and especially with early intervention, has great potential! Since all our services are free, your part in each child’s journey is significant. With your support, every Little Light House student will expand in some wonderful way! They will learn to walk, talk, eat and grow in academic skills. They will be well loved and learn to love in return.

Since our focus is on early intervention (children under the age of six), we are actively preparing each child to thrive as they transition to their private or public schools!

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