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On June 14th, Little Light House Central Kentucky is turning TWO years old and what a fantastic two years it has been!  During that time, we have served 20 children and their families.  We've learned, sung, played and laughed.  There have been tears and at times it has been hard, but the happy far outweighs the sad.  We've delivered therapy.  We've high-fived and hugged.  We have seen milestone after milestone surpassed.  We've seen "she'll never" become "yes, she did" and "not likely" become "that's amazing"! We've grown!  What started as one classroom is now two with a third in renovation in addition to a sensory room and fantastic accessible gym. We've shared our story and our dreams with countless friends, partners, volunteers and donors.  We've bonded over the challenging situations that these children face, and we've celebrated as we've witnessed them becoming all the Lord intends for them to be.  Thank you, Jesus!  Thank you for two wonderful years in Shelby County serving a special community and extra special children!


For our birthday this year, we are going to ask that you support our fundraiser benefiting, you guessed it, Little Light House Central Kentucky!  Not only do we not want to do this without you, but we truly couldn't do it without you.  Please show your support through this birthday fundraiser enabling us to continue to knock down barriers, blow past milestones, and celebrate LLHKY kiddos in all they are and all they are becoming!  Click below to support LLHKY.  $1 - $10,000...  every penny goes a long way!  Thank you, Friends.  We appreciate you!

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